National unity for peace and development

When all the people of a nation join together and work collectively for the well being of the country, it is called national unity. For example Burundi has internal conflicts between Tutsi and Hutu and is involved in an external conflict war in the Democratic Republic of Congo D.

He commended GPBN for the lecture, saying the initiative would go a long way to deepen professionalism among its members. The minister said the government was partnering different media organisations to check the problem of fake news.

This gradual erosion of national identity is a crucial point for re-building our strength.

List of political parties in Somalia

But today, our national values, aspirations and their accompanying symbols are progressively losing their meaning with the exception of assembly recitals by pupils early in the morning. While Toni Kan, an award winning writer says: One of the ways to promote natiinal unity in Nigeria is through marriages that cut across different ethnic groups and tribes.

The wordings of the constitution reflects the true intention of the drafters of the constitution, today it seems the federal character is just a spirit without a body and thus, not identifiable in this realm. Regarding the hypotheses, which are subject to verification, the responses from all sampled provinces are in agreement and therefore confirm the hypotheses.

In her lecture, Prof. We work really hard and put a lot of effort and resources into our content, providing our readers with plagiarism-free articles, original and high-quality texts. The don advised bloggers to work at the credibility problems in the online media by ensuring whatever they were publishing had all the elements of credibility.

Thus gives young graduates the opportunities to work and live in communities other than their own.

Promoting National Unity Via Cultural Festivals

An assessment of the programme shows that the majority of participants expressed fewer racial stereotypes and less racism compared to children who were not part of the programme. When the government makes judicious use of the natural resources and there is an even level of development across the regions, national unity will be promoted.

So far the representative sample of politicians, the military, journalists, civil and public societies and the ordinary people within five provinces have been chosen as a sample and were taken as the respondents. This statement may not be entirely true but there is some truth in it.

Mohammed said the collective efforts of all Nigerians were needed in view of the threats fake news posed to peace and unity of the country. Unity promotes peace and love in a nation.

Despite it's small size, it plays important roles in stabilizing and enhancing the growth of the adult members of the society and provide a context for the growth and development of the children. All respondents confirmed that Rwandan national unity facilitates, promotes and encourages the bilateral collaboration between people, between people and authorities and between authorities themselves.

NEUF uses environmental and income issues as a bridging point to encourage businesses across ethnic boundaries. It will further empower individual states to create easy lives for its people.

This diversity of caste, colors, religions, languages and cultures is our own identity. This research had aimed to identify and to clarify what impact national unity in Rwanda has had on sustainable development, after the genocide of She said it was, therefore, expected of stakeholders in the industry to always uphold the ethics and report the facts.

To what extent are the young lads aware of what it means to inherit a years civilization.

Fake news undermines peace, national unity – Lai Mohammed

This is the unique feature of Nepal. We think that the progress of the country is our own progress while its misfortune is the misfortune of every Nepalese. It is as well important to create personal familiarity with other tribes and religions.

He described bloggers as critical stakeholders in the media industry in view of their number and capacity to influence others. If you need a personal assistance on this topic, kindly contact us.

10 Ways to Promote National Unity in Nigeria

He said the media, especially, had a huge responsibility to check the problem in view of their strength and reach, calling on professionals to always verify their facts before sending out information. At the beginning of his speech, PM Modi also remembered former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on her death anniversary, saying she sacrificed her life on this day and it cannot be forgotten.

Enhancing National Unity Through Family-Life Education: Implications for Sustainable Peace in the Niger-Delta Region of Nigeria.

The Family is the most basic social unit in today's society.

My administration committed to national unity, religious harmony- Buhari

Despite it's small size, it plays important roles in stabilizing and enhancing the growth of the adult members of the society and provide a context for the. Also speaking, Gov.

Babaginda Aliyu of Niger stressed that cultural festivals were critical to the nation’s economic development, unity, peace and cohesion. The governor pledged that his administration would maximise the benefits of cultural activities to stimulate the economic growth of the state and the nation at large.

National unity is a feeling of being united as a country, especially in times of trouble. Ex: rather than be divided between east and west, a country feels united in the midst of a war. His dedication to national unity, peace and stability is embodied in adherence to the National Constitution which he was intimately involved in developing.

Amendment (No. 20) ActChapter 1, section 3(2)(h) obligates the “fostering of national unity, peace and stability, with due regard to the diversity of language, customary practices.

The Nigerian dreams of national integration, peace and development can only come to reality with the internalization of the core values enshrined in the National Anthem and Pledge which reflect the national value of honesty, obedience, loyalty, cooperation and patriotism (Ajere and Oyinloye, ).

Invoking Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's work for national integration, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said "unity, peace and harmony" was the first condition if India has to move forward and.

National unity for peace and development
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