Mcmaster centre for pulp and paper research

Carolina Starches is a supplier of potato, tapioco, and corn starch products to the paper and allied industries. Metso Automation formerly Neles Automation and Kajaani produces on-line instruments for monitoring and control of fines retention optical methodconsistency opticalfiber length opticaland colloidal charge streaming current titration method.

Norchem is a supplier of polymer processing and control equipment, including make-down units for emulsion-type and powder-type retention aid polymers. Sentinel researchers presented their most recent prototypes, including sensors printed or coated on the laboratory scale, and described major challenges in scaling up production to commercial levels.

They offer training and consulting in papermaking chemistry and related technologies. They also sell a cationic debonder that is useful as an organic opacifying agent, reducing the need for titanium dioxide and sizing agents in some applications. He has given advice to several industry companies and governments in the field of forest products innovation.

In addition, many researchers in the department use personal computers for much of their computing and word processing needs as well as data acquisition.

Mcmaster Centre For Pulp And Paper Research – 625687

Immersitechlocated near Cincinnati, provides developmental engineering services, naterials optimization, and root cause analysis related to packaging.

Malvern Instruments supplies zeta potential measuring instruments and particle-size measurement technologies. Cytec Industries is a full-range supplier of chemicals for water treatment, mining, coatings, and additives for solids polymers. Rohm and Haasnow a subsidiary of Dow, supplies latex binders and hollow plastic pigments that are used in coatings and in some wet-end applications.

Dr. Robert Pelton

They also have extensive pilot plant facilities available for industrial research. We publish in good journals, and have active industrial partners. Westvaco also makes Indulin lignin derivatives that are widely used as model compounds to evaluate the expected effects of carry-over from pulp mills into paper machine system.

Numerous pilot scale reactors are available for polymerization and computer control studies. They also make organic pigments for ink formulation.

They also have ASA emulsifying and delivery equipment for polymer or starch emulsifying agents. They produce solvents and polymers with widespread applications, including in pressure-sensitive adhesive formulations. Pira Internationalbased in the UK, is a member-based research and technology organization.

The McMaster Centre for Pulp and Paper Research is a world-class framework for scientists with strengths in colloid and surface science, polymer synthesis and characterization, modelling and transport phenomena to work together on strategic problems.

Sentinel Network students from McMaster University (left to right): Alex (Zhuyuan) Zhang, Tracy (Jingyun) Wang, and Dawn White preparing bioink, and printing and then testing the paper strips.

For the Sentinel Bioactive Paper Network, research and development have come full circle. Summary of International Activities on Cellulosic Nanomaterials Contribution of ISO/TC 6/TG 1 – Cellulosic Nanomaterials MoRe Research backed by Holmen Pulp and Paper and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden Nanocrystalline cellulose McMaster University University Nanocomposites, mechanical properties.

May 09,  · Available Method For Lignin Precipitation Lignin−Poly(DADMAC) Precipitation This method is developed by "Raymond E. Lappan, Robert Pelton,* Ian McLennan, Jasmin Patry, and Andrew N. Hrymak Department of Chemical Engineering, McMaster Centre for Pulp and Paper Research, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8S 4L7".

Pelton, founding director of the McMaster Centre for Pulp and Paper Research and scientific leader of the new Canadian Network of Pulp and Paper Researchers, is a Tier 1 chairholder.

Canadian university scientific research organizations

His appointment is worth $, a year for seven years and is renewable. Argentina; d: Limerick Pulp and Paper Centre, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3B 5A3, Canada; e: McMaster Centre for Pulp and Paper Research; Interfacial Technologies Group.

Mcmaster centre for pulp and paper research
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